Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Tapestry of Our Collective Minds

Threads of thought
pass from person to person,
weaving a cultural tapestry
across space and time.

Each individual thread
is a stream of connected thoughts,
a lineage of ideas,
a phylogeny of connected minds.

This tapestry of woven phylogenies
has many colors, many patterns, many textures,
and many different threads –
wool, cotton, and rayon.

A father teaches his son to throw a ball,
to build a tree house,
to get the girl,
to change the oil,
to use a tool.

A school teaches its pupils to read,
to write,
to add and subtract,
to expand their horizons,
to hone their “tools.”

A society teaches its members to work together,
to tell a joke,
to struggle against the “other,”
to conform,
to reproduce their society,
to be a “tool.”

The tapestry constantly grows,
constantly changes.
New threads are introduced,
as others die out.
Time and space
are forever filled
with this ever-changing tapestry.

But as it grows,
so does it decay.
Older sections lose their cohesion.
Threads unravel, sections disintegrate,
leaving strands of thread here and there –
disconnected, discontinuous,
only telling a part of the story of “Once Was.”

These disconnected threads,
these disconnected thoughts
from our tapestry’s past
are at times recycled,
combined with newer threadsand woven once again.
Woven into newer sections that spill off…into infinity.

And to understand the distant minds of long ago
that stretch back along these threads of thought,
we reweave the stories –
stories lost over time,
stories lost across space,
rewoven from the disconnected threads
and from the threads of thought we know today,
forming the tapestry of “As it Might Have Been,”
instead of “As it Actually Was.”

This is the tapestry of our minds
stretching across time and space,
woven from the streams of our collective thoughts,
the many lineages of ideas,
the phylogenies of our connected minds.


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