Saturday, February 25, 2006

From Darkness to Light

Here's a little engineering poetry

In darkness I stand,
Enclosed within a space I cannot see
A vast architectural surround
One I cannot fully know with touch, smell, hearing, or taste
Its far reaches beyond my local self
Colors, hues, textures, contrasts, and shadows,
Perspectives, wayfinding guides and cues
All telling the grand story of my structural surrounds
All lost to me without sight, without … light.

In the distance, somewhere in the darkness,
I hear the flip of a switch.
Contacts closing, electrons flowing
Filaments alighting, ballasts igniting
Sending forth light to challenge the dark
Photons and waves charging through space
Instantly filling this architectural volume,
Banishing the dark to the shadows
Shadows created by the play of light and surface

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