Thursday, March 09, 2006

Yellow Cab - A Must Read

If you want a witty, thoughtful, and brilliantly written set of essays and poetry on the taxi cab industry and its cliental, then pick up a copy of the recently released book - Yellow Cab, by Robert D. Leonard. An anthropologist with an engaging writing style, Leonard began moonlighting as a cab driver in Albuquerque, NM to supplement his salary as a professor at UNM. Being an anthropologist, he couldn’t help but observe and engage the people around him, making notes along the way.

The end result was this wonderful book of funny, sad, and wickedly strange stories of New Mexico nights from the perspective of a cabbie. And yes, the author is my friend and business partner. So if you think this biases me too much, then follow the link to the review from one of my previous posts – “Prof moonlights as cabbie.” Also take a look at a profile/book review of Leonard by Jim Belshaw that appeared in the March 8th Albuquerque Journal -

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